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Bhupesh Wadji
Interiors and Design


Site Inspection and Survey

The Scope of work shall begin with the preliminary site inspection and surveying. Whilst undertaking the inspections, the existing structural defects(if any) shall be taken note of and a comprehensive report shall be provided about the same to the client.

Build Design Model

A model of the work designed and to be carried out can be provided if required. A computerised 3- D Model can also be designed and submitted if required.

Reviewing Furniture and Furnishing needs

Custom furniture design can be as simple as taking a sofa you love and have an identical one made, just slightly larger to better accommodate you -- or as involved as creating a desk that meets your specific needs and space limitations. The scope of work includes providing the best of the furnishing drawings, with all the proper measurements, material specifications, and instructions, fulfilling the client's needs and requirements.

Develop Budgets

The scope of work shall include thorough estimation of the total costs involved taking into considerations the prevailing market rates at that time.

Detailed estimation shall be provided to the clients such as the costs involved for civil works, electricals, plumbing, furnitures, etc. Assistance will also be provided to the client to procure various quotations for carrying out the proposed works.

Produce Construction and Working drawings

The clients shall be provided with detailed conceptual drawings. After the satisfaction of the client, the scope of work shall include providing detailed computerised drawings covering minute details. Working drawings for all the interior works shall be provided.

Establish Construction Schedules

On an Average the time taken to furnish any proposed project can approximately be as shown below:

Less than 100sq mts takes below 4 weeks to be furnished.
100- 300 sq mts takes 4-8 weeks to be furnished.
300- 500 sq mts takes 8-12 weeks to be furnished.
500- 2000 sq mts takes 12-16 weeks to be furnished.
2000- 4000 sq mts takes 16-24 weeks to be furnished.
4000- 6000 sq mts takes 24-30 weeks to be furnished.

6000 and over sq mts takes 30-49 weeks to be furnished.

The scope of work shall include a proper scheduling of the works to be carried out so as to complete the works within the time limits and to the best satisfaction of the clients.

Set Site Meetings

To bring about a better co- ordination and understanding between the different contracting bodies carrying out the various works, the scope of the work shall include setting up of site meetings until the successful completion of the proposed job.

Supervise and Ensure better working efficiency

There shall be a proper and regular supervision of the concerned work in order to enable the best possible output towards a successful finished product.

Co- ordinate to obtain clearances from various Government Departments

The scope of the work shall include assisting the clients/ ocontractors to obtain permissions from various Government Departments neccesary to carry out the proposed works.

Ensure a Quality Product

There might be times when-an epidemic and sickness prevails in the city, when there might be the riots all over, or the workers might just be on strike

But at the end., responsibilty lies with me and as such, I strive to achieve the results and not offer the Excuses.


Be it early mornings or middle of the nights, I am there when needed. Providing the best of the services at all times is my motto.

Please e-mail me for more information or an appointment.