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Bhupesh Wadji
Interiors and Design

Within such a short period, Bhupesh Wadji has already carved a niche for himself in the World of Design. While striving for perfection, he provides precise and accurate drawings focussed on minute detailings. Some of his projects are:

1. Measure drawings for Deao's Palace, Quepem

2. Study and Layouts for Hughes Telecom India Ltd in city of Panaji on behalf of Contractors for HTIL.

3. Interior Designing for Little CollecXion- A Showroom for Premier Dealership of AIRTEL.(belonging to Shri Yatin Parekh)

4. Interior Designing for Office Premises of Shri Yatin Parekh.

5. Interior Designing for Shop Premises in Padmavati Towers

6. Study and Drafting of Plans for Architect Raia Sankhwalkar for the Proposal for Changing the look of Mala( The same appeared in the Magazines Inside Outside and A+D Architects book)

7. Detailed Study, measurements and Drafting of Plans for Architects  Roland Velho and Architect Siddharth Naik for the Project "Chapel De Monte"